Bavarian Birds Photos - Januar 2004

In this section you will find photos of recent bird reports and archive material. More photos are in the Trip reports and with the Bird ID Game ComputerBirding.
We are especially happy about photos of recent birds reported, mail to spauz@bavarianbirds.de.
Common Gulls
Common Gulls, Würzburg,
05.01.2004 (Photo: R. Jahn)
Black-headed Gull
Black-headed Gull, Würzburg,
05.01.2004 (Photo: R. Jahn)
Common Gull
Common Gull, Würzburg,
11.01.2004 (Photo: R. Jahn)
Caspian Yellow-legged Gull
Caspian Yellow-legged Gull, Ismaninger Speichersee, Lkr. München,
17.01.2004 (Photo: M. Piazzi)
Bahama Pintail
Bahama Pintail, Würzburg,
17.01.2004 (Photo: R. Jahn)

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