Bavarian Birds Photos - May 2003

In this section you will find photos of recent bird reports and archive material. More photos are in the Trip reports and with the Bird ID Game ComputerBirding.
We are especially happy about photos of recent birds reported, mail to spauz@bavarianbirds.de.
Reed Warbler
Reed Warbler, Chiemsee, 01.05.2003 (Photo: S. Tewinkel)
Turtle Dove
Turtle Dove, Eibelstadt, Lkr. Würzburg,
04.05.2003 (Photo: R. Jahn)
Cuckoo, Hörblach, Lkr. Kitzingen,
04.05.2003 (Photo: R. Jahn)
Temminck's Stint
Temminck's Stint, Hörblach, Lkr. Kitzingen,
06.05.2003 (Photo: R. Jahn)
Little Stint
Little Stint, Hörblach, Lkr. Kitzingen,
09.05.2003 (Photo: R. Jahn)
Yellow Wagtail thunbergi
Yellow Wagtail thunbergi, Hörblach, Lkr. Kitzingen,
09.05.2003 (Photo: R. Jahn)
Grey Phalarope
Grey Phalarope, Donau, Lkr. Straubing,
09.05.2003 (Photo: M. Herzig)
Fieldfare, Egelburgersee, Lkr. Ebersberg,
10.05.2003 (Photo: H. Stocker)
Green Woodpecker
Green Woodpecker, Zell am Main, Lkr. Würzburg,
20.05.2003 (Photo: R. Jahn)
Ross's Snow Goose
Ross's Snow Goose, Ismaninger Speichersee, Lkr. München,
23.05.2003 (Photo: S. Tewinkel)
Chilean Flamingo
Chilean Flamingo, Chiemsee,
29.05.2003 (Photo: H. Stocker)
Sedge Warbler
Sedge Warbler, Ammersee, Lkr. Weilheim,
31.05.2003 (Photo: S. Tewinkel)
Red-backed Shrike
Red-backed Shrike, Hirschauer Bucht, Chiemsee, 29.05.2003 (Photo: H. Stocker)

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