Bavarian Birds Photos - April 2003

In this section you will find photos of recent bird reports and archive material. More photos are in the Trip reports and with the Bird ID Game ComputerBirding.
We are especially happy about photos of recent birds reported, mail to spauz@bavarianbirds.de.
Ring-necked Duck
Ring-necked Duck, Hörblach, Lkr. Kitzingen,
01.04.2003 (Photo: S. Tewinkel)
Black-throated Diver
Black-throated Diver, Starnberger See, Lkr. Starnberg,
04.04.2003 (Photo: S. Tewinkel)
Water Pipit
Water Pipit, Echinger Stausee, Lkr. Landshut,
09.04.2003 (Photo: S. Tewinkel)
Teal, Echinger Stausee, Lkr. Landshut,
09.04.2003 (Photo: S. Tewinkel)
Bluethroat, Ammersee, Lkr. Weilheim,
12.04.2003 (Photo: S. Tewinkel)
Marsh Harrier
Marsh Harrier, Grafenrheinfeld, Lkr. Schweinfurt,
12.04.2003 (Photo: R. Jahn)
Mediterranean Gull
Mediterranean Gull, Echinger Stausee, Lkr. Landshut,
13.04.2003 (Photo: R. Jahn)
Water Rail
Water Rail, Echinger Stausee, Lkr. Landshut,
13.04.2003 (Photo: S. Tewinkel)
Long-tailed Duck
Long-tailed Duck, Ismaninger Speichersee, Lkr. München,
13.04.2003 (Photo: S. Tewinkel)
Woodlark, Ostheim/Rhön, Lkr. Rhön-Grabfeld,
20.04.2003 (Photo: R. Jahn)
Jack Snipe
Jack Snipe, Herchsheim, Lkr. Würzburg,
21.04.2003 (Photo: R. Jahn)
Whinchat, Ostheim/Rhön, Lkr. Rhön-Grabfeld,
21.04.2003 (Photo: R. Jahn)
Spotted Crake
Spotted Crake, Echinger Stausee, Lkr. Landshut,
26.04.2003 (Photo: H. Stocker)

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