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In these lists I hope to give you an idea where and how often we saw the species. However it is often difficult to give exact and useful information, either due to my poor knowledge in identifying Australian animals (not only birds) or because the notes I made during the trip are not exact enough (i.e. I was lazy...). All the photos in this section were made by us, so if you would like to use them, ask first and we will find a way.

The Birds
Laughing Kookaburra
Other Animals
Red-necked Wallaby

Birds we met in Australia:

Altogether we "had" 338 identified bird species on our trip. Of more than 100 we took photos. To view the photos in bigger size just click on the small icons in the bird lists. The bird lists follow the systematic of Howard and Moore and not the modern systematic which is often used in the Australian Field guides. If you are not used to this systematic, the following should give you an idea where to find the birds you are looking for:

Cassowary to Bustard
Brown BoobyWhite-bellied Sea-Eagle
Jacana to Dollarbird
Black NoddiCrimson Rosella
Pitta to Silvereye
Superb FairywrenGolden Whistler
Honeyeater to Raven
Noisy MinerAustralian Magpie

If you have no idea about this old fashioned systematic use the following very brief systematic:

Part I Cassowary, Emu, Grebes, Shearwaters, Pelicans, Boobies, Cormorants, Herons, Storks, Ibis, Ducks, Raptors, Rails, Cranes, Bustard
Part II Waders, Gulls, Terns, Pigeons, Parrots, Owls, Frogmouths, Swifts, Kingfishers, Bee-eater, Dollarbird
Part III Pitta, Lyrebirds, Larks, Swallows, Pipits, Cuckoo-shrikes, Trillers, Thrushs, Chowchillas, Babblers, Wrens, Warbler, Robins etc.
Part IV Honeyeaters, Finches, Starlings, Orioles, Drongos, Magpie Lark, Apostlebird, Wood Swallows, Bowerbirds, Riflebirds, Crows
If you are ONLY interested in bird photos go to bildlinks.htm (ca. 900 kb)
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Other Animals we met in Autralia: Mammals and Reptiles/Amphibians

The identification of other animals than birds was often much more difficult. But since we saw some of them I will do my best. Especially the mammals are often night active, so if you are interested to see them you must do spotlighting.


Click on the small pictures in the left column to get better views of the photos. If you have questions, remarks or corrections send a mail to
Species Name
Observations, Remarks
Duck-billed Platypus
(Ornithorhynchus anatinus)
1 from the Platypus viewing platform in Yungaburra on 5.11., up to 4 from the Platypus viewing platform at Broken River, Eungella National Park on 7./8.11.
Short-beaked Echidna
(Tachyglossus aculeatus)
Only roadkills around Brisbane.
Northern Brown Bandicoot
(Isoodon macrourus)
1 while spotlighting in Kingfisher Park on 2. and 3.11.
Long-nosed Bandicoot
(Perameles nasuta)
Großer Langnasenbeutler
1 while spotlighting in Kingfisher Park on 3.11.

(Phascolarctos cinereus)
5 at their day roost at Point Halloran on 14.11.

Common Brush-tail Possum
(Trichosurus vulpecula)
Gewöhnlicher Fuchskusu
1 at Eungella National Park Camping Site on 7.11., 4-5 while spotlighting around St. George on 11.11., 2 while spotlighting at Girraween National Park on 16.11., 1 in Sydney on 19.11., min. 4 at Bundeena Camping Site, Royal National Park on 21.11. 
Musky Rat-kangaroo
(Hypsiprymnodum moschatus)
1-2 at Lake Eacham on 5.11., day active.
Agile Wallaby
(Macropus agilis)
1 near Mt. Carbine on 2.11. in the evening, some at Eastern Mary Roads on 4.11. in the early morning, also at Lake Tinaroo.
Black-striped Wallaby
(Macropus dorsalis)
1 at Southwood National Park on 11.11.

Eastern Grey Kangaroo
(Macropus giganteus)
Östl. Graues Riesenkänguruh
Common towards St. George and Girraween National Park.
Whiptail Wallaby
(Macropus parryi)
Some around Kingaroy.
Common Wallaroo/Euro
(Macropus robustus)
Min. 2 around Girraween National Park, at least 1 male on 16.11.

Red-necked Wallaby
(Macropus rufogriseus)
Very common at Bunya Mountains National Park on 11.11.
Red-legged Pademelon
(Thylogale thetis)
Small rainforest kangaroo, seen at Kingfisher Park, Eungella National Park and Bunya Mountains National Park.
Swamp Wallaby
(Wallabia bicolor)
1 photographed at Bunya Mountains National Park on 11.11., 2 around the southern end of Lady Carrington Drive, Royal National Park on 20.11.
Common Water-rat
(Hydromys chryogaster)
1 at Kingfisher Park on 4.11. in the morning.
Melomys spec. 1 while spotlighting in Kingfisher Park on 3.11.
White-tailed Rat
(Uromys caudimaculatus)
1 while spotlighting in Kingfisher Park on 3.11.
Eastern Tube-nosed Bat
(Nyctimene robinsoni)
1 while spotlighting in Kingfisher Park on 3.11.
Black Flying Fox
(Pteropus alecto)
Schwarzer Flughund
A day roost at Lytton Road near Hemmant (north of the road) on 14.11.
Spectacled Flying Fox
(Pteropus conspicillatus)
Some around Daintree and Kingfisher Park.
Little Red Flying Fox
(Pteropus scapulatus)
We found a day roost near Lake Carbine on 2.11.
Dolphin spec.
Delphin spec.
3 while visiting Great Barrier Reef on 30.11.
Red Fox
(Vulpes vulpes)
Introduced, some around Kingaroy.
(Lepus europaeus)
Introduced, some around Kingaroy.
(Oryctolagus cuniculus)
Introduced, common in small numbers.
Indonesian Rusa Deer
(Cervus timorensis)
Introduced, common in Royal National Park, especially in the evening around Bundeena Camping Site.

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Reptiles and Amphibians

The animals in this section are very difficult to identify and in some cases I have no idea what I saw or wether my ID is right. If you are able to identify some of the reptiles on the photos or if find some mistakes, please send a message to, thank you.

Species Name
Observations, Remarks

Cane Toad
(Bufo marinus)
Introduced, most common amphibian everywhere.
White-lipped Tree Frog
(Litoria infrafrenata)
Some at Kingfisher Park, we had surely some other species, but this was the only one I could identify and remember.
Eastern Snake-necked Turtle
(Chelodina longicollis)
Turtles are common in ponds and creeks.
Estuarine Crocodile
(Crocodylus porosus)
1 at Daintree River (where the boats start) on 2.11. in the early morning
Leaf-tailed Gecko
(Saltuarius cornutus)
2 while spotlighting in Kingfisher Park on 3.11.
Eastern Water Skink
(Eulamprus quoyii)
Mossman Gorge on 31.10.
Skink spec.
Great Sandy National Park on 9.11.
Skink spec.
Wattamolla, Royal National Park on 20.11.
Mountain Dragon
(Tympanocryptis diemensis)
Wattamolla, Royal National Park on 20.11.

Eastern Water Dragon
(Physignathus lesueurii)
Around Daintree and Daintree River, some at Gavrie Beach, Royal National Park on 22.11.
Boyd's Forest Dragon
(Hypsilurus boydii)
1 at Curtain Fig Tree on 5.11.
Northern Tree Snake
(Dendrelaphis calligastra)
1 in Cairns Centenary Gardens on 29.10.

Carpet Snake (Python)
(Morelia spilota)
1 near Eungella on 7.11.
Sea Snake
2-3 while visiting Great Barrier Reef on 30.11.

The 'Eastern water skink' from Mossman Gorge is actually a Major's skink - Egernia frerei
The skink from Great Sandy is a Eulamprus of some sort.
The skink from Royal National Park is an eastern water skink - Eulamprus quoyii.
I'm pretty sure the 'Mountain dragon' is actually a jacky lizard Amphibolurus (?) muricatus

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