Are these Iceland Gulls (Polarmöwe Larus glaucoides) or
Glaucous Gulls (Eismöwe Larus hyperboreus)?

Gull1 (with great Black-backed Gull)

GullGull1 Detail


Gull head
Gull2 Detail
I took the photos at the harbour of Sandgerdi, Iceland, on August 19th 2002 and my first ID was Iceland Gull (Polarmöwe Larus glaucoides), now I heard also other opinions...
The gulls looked much smaller than a Great Black-backed Gull and even smaller than a Herring Gull. Nevertheless the bill looks bulky and the wing projection is short. So it might be adult Glaucous Gull (Eismöwe Larus hyperboreus), a common species on Iceland in August.
On the other hand the head is round, the bill is short and the eyering is red, typical for Iceland Gull.
I would appreciate any comment to these photos. Thank you very much.
Stefan Tewinkel;

Full trip report is coming soon!!

Glacous Gull typical Glaucous Gull Gulls
more Gulls (you might want to dicuss wether the left one is a Kumliens Gull...;-)

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